Breaking the Mold

As the owner of Vanillamore, I work to push myself to be a step above, always striving to add my own personal touch to everything that is created at the restaurant. When I’m not cooking on the line during a busy service, I find joy in chatting with customers, welcoming them to the restaurant, and opening their bottles of wine. Often, the customers don’t realize that I’m the owner. Greeting people and checking in with them as they enjoy their meal is my way of expressing the version of hospitality that I strive to provide each day. This is how I set Vanillamore apart from other local eateries.

My goal is to break the norm and change people’s expectations of who a restaurant owner and chef typically is. By adding artistic appeal, community connection and a genuine passion for creating a positive experience, I have created my version of what a restaurant should represent. I don’t really fit the mold of the stereotypical restaurant owner/chef; instead, I pride myself on an understanding that success is based on 360 degrees of skills and effort: personality, drive and work ethic make all the difference.

From day one, I took it all on – from menu creation to managing the launch and all aspects of restaurant ownership, which has continued as I navigate through the challenges of being an entrepreneur. As a pastry chef by training, I quickly realized I had find the confidence to run the full savory line in addition to the pastry side of the kitchen. I knew that to be successful, I needed to expand my expertise across all types of food from appetizers to desserts. As a young chef and business owner, great food is just the starting point. From there, I believe adding connectivity, surprise and delight, and an altruistic spirit of giving back, will create a long-lasting, successful business.

Vanillamore has been brought to life through creating a brand that focuses on food and connections. Building relationships with our guests and the community is one of the key character traits of Vanillamore.

Another way that I will be able to connect with our guests and tell my story is through my upcoming book, which will be available this upcoming holiday season. Stay tuned for more on this, and in the meantime follow some behind the scenes moments on social media. @vanillamore @risamagidboyer on Instagram!

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